We will find the perfect nanny for you at an affordable price!

Hi, my name is Susie Murphy, and I am the President of Child Care Services. Since 1984 choosy and discerning parents of young children and infants in the area have hired us to find their perfect Mary Poppins. You can call us Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM at (414) 476-8041 or (847) 277-0320.

Placing an ad on Craigs List or an online agency may seem like a good idea until you get inundated with all the replies. Then, which one do you choose? How can you be sure you found the best match for your family? You can go through hours of looking through profiles of nanny candidates and without the guidance of an industry expert you waste valuable time  and there is no guarantee that you will find the right person.

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre nanny

There are lots of mediocre nanny candidates out there, but precious few golden nuggets. We focus strictly on quality, because every child deserves the best care.

Read what Zee Diaz had to say about the service she and her husband received from us:

My husband and I have been very pleased with the care and services received from Susie Murphy at Child Care Services of Wisconsin! We found our first nanny with Susie when we first moved in 2 years ago.

Trying to find a nanny in a new location was anxiety-provoking, but Susie helped us find a very reliable and nurturing nanny for our now 3-year-old.

This past summer, due to scheduling conflicts, we needed to find another nanny within a one month window. Susie helped us out yet again!

We would wholeheartedly recommend Child Care Services of Wisconsin because of their dedication to finding the right match, their thoroughness in evaluating the nannies and families, and their commitment to quality care.

— Zee Diaz

Candidate Interviews

We personally interview each of our nanny candidates. We conduct criminal and motor vehicle background checks on every nanny applicant for the job. We construct a profile on each candidate, complete with credentials, references, and job histories.

We Interview You Too!

Then, we interview you too, to find out what your most important criteria are, what requirements you have, and what needs must be met for your little ones.

Next Comes The Magic!

Next, we perform our magic to match the perfect nanny to your needs. 30+ years experience has given us an incredibly accurate ability to match the right nanny to the right family, and we get it right virtually every time, guaranteed.

Our Guarantee

What’s our guarantee, you ask? On those very rare occasions where the match doesn’t turn out to be perfect, we will find you a replacement absolutely free of charge.

Our company, Child Care Services of Wisconsin, is the oldest nanny service in Wisconsin and one of the oldest services nationwide. We work with people who have backgrounds in nursing, teaching, and social work, as well as moms and granny-nannies.

Experienced Nannies Only!

Our nannies all have a great deal of experience. They don’t sit your children in front of a DVD and ignore them. They interact with your children all day long. Our nannies:

  • do age-appropriate activities with your children.
  • help them reach their milestones.
  • engage in educationally-based activities with them.

When you call us at (414) 476-8041 or (847) 277-0320, we will email a packet of information to you, including an application for you to fill out. When you send it back and engage our services, that’s when we REALLY get to work.

The Hiring Process

The process begins long before you talk to the nanny we select for you.

  1. Once we have selected her, we arrange a phone interview between the two of you.
  2. If you like what you hear in the phone interview, then you arrange an in-person interview.
  3. We then email a packet to you containing her background, references, and credentials, including the results of a complete criminal and motor vehicle background check that we conduct on each applicant.
  4. We contact all references by phone and type up comments from each phone conversation, which you get to see as well.
  5. After she meets with you, and if you decide that she is the perfect match for you and your family, you complete the hire.

You negotiate with the nanny what you’ll pay her. Typically, the hourly rate falls between $15 and $20 an hour.

Free Assistance and Advice for First Time Parents

Our clients are often first-time parents. This means that, in addition to needing a nanny, many also have general questions about handling and care of a new baby.

With online services you never get the opportunity to talk with a live human being.

With us, you can always call and talk with a live person who has expertise in the field to get top advice about how to handle any situation.

But what REALLY makes us different from the other agencies like ours?

We have been in business since 1984 and have access to more nannies based on our referrals.  We are able to give you one on one personal attention and counseling throughout the whole nanny hiring process and we provide ongoing support after the placement. We conduct our business as if you were a family member.

So call us at (414) 476-8041 or (847) 277-0320 right now, and we’ll get to work finding the right nanny for your precious one.

We guarantee it!

Child Care Services is a nanny and household management placement agency that is family owned and operated since 1984. We assist families in their search to hire qualified nannies and household help. We provide full and part time, as well as live in / live out, temporary and short term care. We have a ‘Super Nanny’ for all of your needs. We also provide household managers, companions and homemakers.

It is the mission of Child Care Services to provide you with the highest quality of service. We work with only top notch caregivers who have previous backgrounds working as nannies, teachers, nurses and day care providers. For those families who do not have grandparents in the area we also provide ‘Granny Nannies’. All of our caregivers are English speaking. Based on our longevity in the industry we have developed a vast network of families and caregivers, many of which have been referred to us by their colleagues and continue to refer nannies and families in need on a daily basis. We have placed many nannies who have been with their respective families for over 10 years! We are Wisconsin’s oldest and most recognized placement agency, have a proven track record and an excellent reputation in the industry.

Services offered:

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Temporary and short term
  • Twin and multiple specialists
  • Vacation care
  • Babysitters

Payments accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • personal checks

D’Vine caregivers is a locally owned and operated division of Child Care Services which is a nanny placement service that has been successfully placing nannies with families since 1984.  We will be able to offer your loved ones an alternative to institutional care for those who want to remain in the comfort of their own homes.  Our philosophy is based on the theory that there is “no place like home”.  We understand how important it is to find the right caregiver for your family member.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

After 30 years in the industry, our families are aging and their needs are changing.  We are receiving many calls related to assistance with senior care so we decided that this would be a natural direction to take.  We are not a franchise and choose to keep the personal touch we have always had with Child Care Services.

Our Caregivers

You will find that many of our caregivers have been with our company for several years.  Even though we are offering non-medical care, many of our caregivers have backgrounds as nurses and CNAs. We also have homemakers and companions. We seek out caregivers who are empathetic, patient, and will go a step above what is required of them. Based on our longevity in the placement industry, we have a pool of caregivers that are dedicated to their profession and will offer your family member the excellent care they deserve.  They are out there and we know how to find them!

Next Steps

Sign up for newsletter.  Request a brochure.  Call us at 847-277-0320.

Your home, or the home of your loved one will be a happier and healthier place with a D’Vine caregiver.