My family reached out to Child Care Services of Wisconsin after 7 years of having an au pair to find us the perfect nanny - and that she did!  Susie was incredibly insightful and uncovered in one conversation exactly the level of attention and detail that was required by our family.  I was impressed with her professional demeanor and how responsive she was to our needs. I was also impressed with how quickly the agency was able to identify and put us in contact with a nanny candidate.  After two meetings with the nanny - our paperwork was signed.  Our nanny has been with us for 3 months now and is working out great!  Thank you, Susie and staff!       - Stacy, Milwaukee, WI 

My husband and I have now partnered twice with Susie to help us find a nanny for our son.  We live in a somewhat rural location, yet both times Susie came through for us with amazing speed and acumen- her candidates are all terrific, qualified, and professional.  Most important, though, Susie really listens to what we need and tries to find us a person who matches our and our son's personalities.  This kind of client service is a dying art, and we cannot be more grateful for it.  Susie will always be the first person we reach out to when looking for in-home childcare for our family.  Period. - Stephanie, Lakes Mills, WI

Our experience working with Susie at Child Care Services was excellent. We needed a full-time nanny for our infant daughter and were anticipating that finding the right caregiver would be a difficult process. Luckily, we were introduced to Susie by a friend. We were impressed by how well Susie understood what we were looking for in terms of the nanny relationship and skill set. The candidates that she introduced us to were all great individuals and trustworthy childcare professionals, and we appreciated having the chance to meet them. In short order, we found an experienced, dedicated and loving nanny. We have also used Child Care Services to connect with a network of babysitters in our Milwaukee neighborhood. In addition to Susie’s keen sense of how to match families and caregivers, she is extremely efficient and responsive to questions. We were grateful for Susie’s help and will certainly recommend Child Care Services to our friends and colleagues! —Megan, Milwaukee, WI

After having some poor experiences with other agencies, Susie and Child Care Services of Wisconsin is a breath of fresh air. The professionalism, communication efficiency and reliability is refreshing. We feel that she is as supportive of the families as she is the nannies. We feel that she is very open-minded with parenting styles and recognizes the differences in families. She has good judgment and just gets the job done in a caring way. We were in the need of a nanny within one week due to some unforeseen circumstances, and Susie was able to work with us and find someone that we have been very happy with. We are very grateful that Child Care Services of Wisconsin has been there to help us through a difficult transition. —Katie, Wauwatosa, WI

I was very satisfied with the services provided by Susie from Child Care Services of Wisconsin.  I called on a Monday and had the names of three highly-qualified, experienced nanny candidates by Tuesday.  We were very pleasantly surprised at the level of childcare professionals in Susie’s network.  Susie’s advice, candidate profiles, copies of reference letters, background checks, and nanny agreement forms were extremely helpful in facilitating the process.   We hope to keep our new nanny until our children are in school full-time, but if we ever need another nanny, we will certainly contact Susie again. —Raye, River Hills, WI

We needed a nanny who would be able to come to our rural location on a part time basis, and we were under time constraints having just moved to the area.  This is where Susie’s experience and large network became critical. She found us a wonderful nanny in just a few weeks.  I also have the peace of mind that the nanny’s background and references were fully checked, which would have been difficult to do on our own.  I think we made a great investment in choosing Child Care Services of Wisconsin! —Sheila, East Troy, WI

The service received from Susie at Child Care Services has been outstanding in many ways. Her “team” of providers has proven to be professional, caring and dedicated to their clients. It was difficult to choose a care provider since they were all high caliber and wonderful, caring human beings. Not only is her ensemble of providers high quality, but Susie’s dedication and watchful eye over her clients and providers makes the service successful and high quality. Susie is very timely in responding to the client’s needs and in many ways takes on the role of counselor / advocate in an elder care situation. She provides unsuspecting moral support with an objective view…. very much needed in an emotional situation. Susie is very perceptive in identifying the type of support needed, and as such, provides a good match between the client and provider since she is very familiar with all those involved. —Beth, Chicago, IL

I have worked with Susie at Child Care Services since 2002, and it has always been a pleasure. She has set me up with several wonderful nannies over the years.  Susie is always very responsive and professional. I highly recommend this service! —Nancy, Mequon, WI

Identifying and hiring the right person to be a caregiver for the most precious thing in your life, your child, can be stressful.  Susie made the process very simple…her understanding of the issues with which busy parents deal is right on, and her strong network of nanny candidates helped us find the right person almost immediately.  We personally found her counsel very helpful in narrowing down our specific “asks” of the caregiver, specifically, did we want a nanny, a home manager, or a baby-sitter? Well, we figured it out, and we have hired an experienced, caring, and well-qualified caregiver for our son, and we couldn’t be happier.  I would recommend others to try Child Care Services as we did, and I’m confident they would have the same experience. —Tim, Waukesha, WI

It is very evident that Susie has been in this business for a while and her solid reputation speaks for itself. We quickly received strong, qualified candidates all of which we could have hired. The process was efficient and professional and Susie was a pleasure to work with. —Amy, Pleasant Prairie, WI

I highly recommend Child Care Services of Wisconsin as an excellent nanny placement agency for parents and nannies alike. I feel anyone interested in obtaining a match for their family’s specific needs would be impressed with the caring and professionalism that Mrs. Murphy provides. I have been fortunate as a nanny to enjoy many lasting relationships with wonderful families and have considered it an honor to be a part of their families. In the past fourteen years I have recommended this agency to many nannies who truly love providing a service to parents, while experiencing the joy of seeing the world through a child’s eyes. —Barbara, Career Nanny, Germantown, WI

I first contacted Susie after finding out that our much loved nanny would be moving out of state.  I knew that our current nanny would be difficult to replace to the extent that I wasn’t sure if it was even possible.  Susie listened carefully to our family needs and to the reasons that we love our current nanny so much.  She immediately had a candidate in mind and sent me the necessary information such as a resume and prior work experience that same day.  She then encouraged me to call the candidate for a phone interview if we were interested after reviewing the initial information.  I did the phone interview and felt a great connection.  We proceeded with a formal in person interview and hired our new nanny on the spot!  Because of Susie’s excellent ability to match our family’s needs with the right candidate, we did not need to waste time on a lengthy candidate review and interview process.  We could not be happier with the outcome.  Thank you Susie! – Jessica, Wauwatosa, WI